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Virtual Reality Hardware – Which One And Why

If you have landed here by accident and have no clue what VR is click here.

In any other case I assume you want to make an informed buying decision and avoid hours of research.

In the high-end department that’s the options you have:

There is a bunch of choices for the low-end VR as well. Google cardboard is probably the cheapest.

This article is about high-end VR systems only.

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HTC Vive essentials – a recap of reviews and users’ opinions

HTC Vive: the headset, base stations an controllers (image source)

This article is a summary of hundreds of articles, reviews, comments and complaints about the HTC Vive.

My goal was to extract all the essentials you need to know to make an informed buying decision.

Apart from all the items you must have, I also cover some optional ones – especially those crucial for improving the immersion.

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