Virtual Reality Hardware – Which One And Why

If you have landed here by accident and have no clue what VR is click here.

In any other case I assume you want to make an informed buy and avoid hours of research.

In the high-end department that’s the options you have:

There is a bunch of choices for the low-end VR as well. Google cardboard is probably the cheapest.

This article is about high-end VR systems only.

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List Of VR Games With Rating 60/100 And Better

The list contains the following information:

  • title together with a link to the game’s description
  • genre
  • ratings
  • price/rating
  • estimated completion time (whenever it was possible to estimate)
  • estimated price per one hour of gameplay

Not all supported games are listed !!! The lists are not meant to be comprehensive guides. I’ve made them to be able to estimate how many hours of quality gameplay there is and what is the price of one hour of playing.

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